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A Zine About Stuff!

I’m curious about stuff. The universe, being overwhelmingly vast, is full of stuff. Our little random rock spinning through our tiny neighborhood in space is full of interesting stuff, much of it made by humans. Our squishy brains work overtime making things to keep physical and emotional mortality at bay. We surround ourselves with stuff. The act of making, of crafting, stuff is wondrous. Even the tools created to create stuff are astonishing. CRRRAASH!!! is stuff, too, and each issue will be about a type of stuff.

Why CRRRAASH!!!? It’s the sound a stack of too much stuff makes when it falls over. It’s the sound you feel in your head when the sublimity of an experience washes over you.

Cover of CRRRAASH!!! Issue 1

Issue #1

This issue’s stuff is comic books. Comics are stories and images combined. We’ve been making them since we scrawled images on cave walls and bone fragments. This first issue is about our first encounter with comics. What was the first comic you remember owning or reading? How did the story or characters affect you and future-you?

I asked several friends these questions and the response has been fantastic. This project wouldn’t have happened without their creativity and generosity. I can’t thank them enough. It’s been great fun and even more fun making another connection with friends through a shared experience. I know our dear readers will feel the same.